Electronic Compass Direction Module


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Complete direction detection module w/auto calibration



The CM1020 is a complete electronic compass module, that outputs accurate directional data without the need for manual calibration or additional components. Utilizing a 3 axis magnetometer along with a highly sensitive triaxial accelerometer, the CM1020 calculates it’s position relative to terrestrial magnetism, and outputs it’s direction in degrees. Gyroscopic output data is also available.

With it’s built-in microprocessor core, the CM1020 automatically calibrates itself using patented algorithms, so that the module is always ready to operate correctly. Simply apply DC power to the module, and then read the appropriate registers to find it’s direction. The module does all the detection and heavy calculations.

The CM1020 communicates via a standard I2C serial port. The CM1020 only requires a single 3.3VDC power supply and is very low in power consumption (< 350mW).

The CM1020 module is very small in size, 1.0” x 1.5” x 0.13”. This allows the module to be easily incorporated into handheld or other portable devices. The module contains a single 12-pin header which contains all the power and interface signals.


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