Over the years, Unagi Net created several pre-tested, drop-in modules, that allow you to experiment or easily add features to an existing product. Unfortunately, we have only one module type left to offer for sale, having run out of stock of everything else. Hopefully we’ll add to this list soon, but until then you can see our one remaining module below.

ADVANCED ELECTRONIC COMPASS MODULES – Direction Detection and Reporting modules.  Read the exact pointed direction of this module anywhere on the planet.  With Patented Automatic Calibration !!! These modules come with SPI or I2C interface, and run on 3.3 volts.

As soon as you power up this module, it auto-calibrates to your specific environment and then outputs a continuous stream of data that shows it’s pointed direction, along with yaw, pitch, and roll angles.

If you are interested in purchasing a module, you can purchase one through our online store: Unagi Shop