Introducing the LCI Bus™ – Light Command Interface Bus

The LCI Bus is a simple, daisy chained, digital control bus for lights, that allows individual brightness control of each light, with only two (2) wires. These two wires are daisy chained along from light, to light, to light, creating a serial daisy-chained lighting network.

There is no maximum number of lights that can be controlled on the LCI Bus. There is also no maximum length to the bus. You can have 10,000 lights strung along on the LCI Bus, and you will be able to control every light individually from a simple LCI Bus controller located on one end of the bus.

An LCI Demonstration Kit is available, which lets you test out a 5 foot long strip of LEDs, all controlled by one LCI Master Controller.  This shows how just 2 data wires can control the brightness of 60 LEDs, all connected up over one LCI Bus.

CLICK HERE for information on the LCI Bus.