IR Teleport – Digital Infrared Repeater

The IR Teleport is an infrared remote control repeater that allows you to send IR commands to multiple locations or rooms for controlling A/V equipment.  By using an advanced all-digital design, including a digital radio wireless link between units, the IR Teleport accurately transmits any IR remote control signal to rooms spaced up to 1000 feet away.

You can get the latest product datasheet by clicking on the link below:

IRTeleport Datasheet

IR Teleport was created here in our labs because of our extensive work with audio and video. We have several rooms of equipment that need to be controlled from a central test location, so we decided to design and build the ultimate digital IR repeater.  One that works perfectly, over long distances, immune to interference, and expandable to mutiple rooms.  That product is the IR Teleport.

We currently have Consumer and Industrial versions of the IR Teleport.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.