Unagi Net offers full product design services, from initial concept through full production and test.


Unagi Net offers software solutions from drivers & apps to complete embedded systems.  We are adept in PPC, x86, ARM, MIPS, PICs, and DSPs.  We are also an Apple authorized developer for iOS and MacOS, with many released Apps.

Unagi Net works directly with your company from the initial concept phase, all the way through prototyping, and can even manage high volume manufacturing locally or overseas.

We have extensive knowledge of analog and digital circuits, along with high-speed and high-frequency RF designs, and advanced environmental conditions including in-vivo (medical) and high vacuum with radiation (space).

We work very closely with a number of manufacturing companies, both here in Silicon Valley and overseas in Asia.  We can produce 1 or 1,000,000 products, fully tested and functional.  And our Asian based manufacturing inspection and oversight facility ensures the highest quality production from overseas manufacturing.  Unagi net is also an licensed and authorized Apple MFI hardware developer, so we can help get your iOS product through the necessary channels.

Our job at Unagi Net is to make sure you have the right product designed the first time through.  We are very proud of our successful track record.

Contact us with any questions on how we can help get you from idea to product shelf:
techinfo (at)