How To Buy

Unagi Net products can be purchased either directly from us or through MicroChip Direct.  Some Unagi Net products can be directly ordered through our website.

For retail purchases of the CM Modules, please visit our on-line distributor, MicroChip Direct.

LCI Bus products can be ordered online at the end of this page.  High volume purchases should be made directly with our sales staff,

BTS Modules are only available directly from us.  Please note that you must be an Apple Certified MFI Developer before you can purchase production BTS Modules.

For all other products, including all B2B and OEM sales, please contact our sales staff directly at

If you have any questions on how and where to purchase Unagi Net products, please send us an email to :


LCI Demo Kit – Includes 5 feet of LED lights (60 LEDs), Demo LCI controller, & power supply.
LEDs are controlled by external analog voltage, on-board potentiometer, or by audio input (3.5mm jack)

LCI2DK150 – $469.00

LCI Light Stick – 12″ long pc board, with 12 Yellow LEDs, each with an LCI2 node chip.  End stackable.

LCI2LSY12 -  $79.00

LCI-2 Node Chip – Tiny intelligent node chip that decodes the LCI-2 Bus protocol and directly drives LEDs.  This chip is available in a SOT-23 package.  Note that there is a minimum order qty of 100 pieces.  If you require more than 100 pieces, please contact our sales dept directly for better pricing.

LCI2NODE23 -  Qty of 100 pieces – $82.00