LCI Demo Video

We’ve had several requests to see what the LCI-8 demo sticks look like in operation, so we have posted a video below.  This video is of 5 LCI8 light sticks, connected end-to-end, with a master controller attached to the first stick.  An audio signal is fed into the controller and the lights are programmed to follow the audio amplitude, like a sound meter.  Another trick is the lights are programmed to change to a random color whenever the audio level reaches a certain trigger level, therefore the lights will change colors as they light upwards on the sticks.

Link to demo video:   LCI8demo1

The master controller is not yet available for sale, but should be very soon.  Contact us for more information.


LCI Pearl Modules

Introducing the LCI Pearl Module, which is a single LCI network node with one high-brightness RGB LED.  This allows you to easily create long, flexible, LED strips, which can be wrapped and bent around structures.

The modules are attached to each other with four wires: two for power, two for LCI data.  Each module is a complete LCI node, with power regulation, LCI protocol decoding, and a high-brighness RGB LED.

The modules can be encased within a transparent flexible jacket for outdoor use, or can be used as-is for indoor installations.

Modules can be purchased individually for your own custom creations, or our manufacturing department can build up a complete indoor/outdoor jacketed LCI Bus LED rope.  Contact us for pricing and availability.

Basic LCI Bus Layout

A basic LCI Bus layout consists of multiple LCI light nodes, connected up in a strip or string arrangement.  Both power and data lines are routed from one light to the next, to the next.  This creates a long strip or string of lights, which can span for thousands of feet.  The diagram below details out how the LCI chips and LEDs are arranged on our Light Sticks:

The LCI Bus Controller is attached to the beginning of the light strip and sends commands down the LCI Bus to all the LCI chips and LEDs, regardless of how many LEDs or how long the strip is.  The controller can set colors and brightness levels for every LED individually, because each LCI chip is a separate network node on the LCI Bus.

LCI-8 Color LCI Demonstration Kit

We have finalized the LCI-8 Demo Kit, which shows off the LCI-8 Bus.  The LCI-8 Bus allows 255 different colors per LED, all individually controlled.




The Demo Kit includes five LCI-8 LED Light Sticks and our demo controller.  This kit is similar to our LCI-2 Demonstration Kit, the LCI2DK150, except you now have color LEDs, which are individually color controlled via the LCI-8 Bus.




You can see from the pictures that the LEDs can be individually programmed to any color.

Coming up soon, we will have a fully programmable LCI Bus Master Controller, that memory maps every LED on the LCI Bus.  There is also a memory interface, which allows easy updating of any memory location, thereby allowing easy lighting control of strips of LEDs (up to 1000 LEDs on each LCI Bus).

Contact us for more information regarding the LCI-8 Demo Kit or the Master Controller.


LCI Bus Demo Kits Now Available

A special demonstration kit for the LCI Bus is now available.  This demo kit comes with a mini LCI Bus controller and 60 LEDs on a 5 foot, end-stackable, light strip.  The LEDs can be controlled with an external voltage source, or from an AC waveform, like an audio source.

The LCI Demo kit shows how the LCI Bus can be used to control long strips of lights, without having to run wires to every light.

You can get technical information about the LCI Bus Demo kit by clicking HERE.

The Demo Kit is available from our distributors and also directly from our website.  Click on the How To Buy tab on the menu above.

Introducing the LCI Bus – Light Command Interface Bus

The LCI Bus is a simple, daisy chained, digital control bus for lights, that allows individual brightness control of each light, with only two (2) wires. These two wires are daisy chained along from light, to light, to light, creating a serial daisy-chained network topology.



There is no maximum number of lights that can be controlled on the LCI Bus. There is also no maximum length to the bus. You can have 10,000 lights strung along on the LCI Bus, and you will be able to control every light individually from a simple LCI Bus controller located on one end of the bus.

The heart of the LCI Bus are intelligent Node Chips, located at every light.  These chips decode the LCI Bus commands and directly drive LEDs.  The chips are also very small in size, about the size of a surface mount LED.


Click HERE to get technical details on the LCI Bus.

The LCI Demo Kit is Now Available !!  Click on the Where To Buy tab.

Click HERE to get information on the LCI Demonstration Kit.


Q & A on the LCI Bus

Q- I notice that the LCI Light Strips are connected up like a string of lights.  How many wires are there on the strip and how many per LED?

A- There are two LCI Bus wires that connect from one light to the next light.  That’s it, besides power and ground.  So there is a maximum of 4 wires (2 data, 2 power) that travel down the LCI Light Strip.

Q- How many LEDs or Lights can I connect up to one LCI Bus?

A- There is NO maximum number of lights that can be connected up to one LCI Bus.  The LCI Light Strips, which we sell, have 12 LEDs on one LCI Bus.  You can end-stack another LCI Light Strip for an additional 12 LEDs.  In fact, you can end-stack as many LCI Light Strips as you want, and they will all work fine on the one LCI Bus, with individual brightness control of every LED.  It’s possible to connect up, let’s say, 100 strips, end-to-end.  That would give you 1200 LEDs on one LCI Bus (only 4 wires; 2 data, 2 power).  And each LED would have individual brightness control from one LCI Bus Controller.

Q- How can I try out the LCI Bus?

A- Purchase the LCI Demonstration Kit, which gives you 5 feet of LEDs and one LCI Bus Controller.  It’s an easy way to see the LCI Bus in action.

Q- I have a lighting application that needs the LCI Bus.  What are my options?

A- You can purchase LCI Light Strips from us for your application.  Or, if our LCI Light Strip selection is not adequate for your installation, we can custom design an LCI Light Strip for your particular needs.  You can also purchase the LCI Node Chips directly from us and build your own Light Strips.  Contact us for more information.