CM Electronic Compass Modules – with Auto Calibration

The CM Electronic Compass Modules use the latest MEMS chip technology to determine their precise pointed direction anywhere on the planet.  The modules incorporate a 3 axis magnetometer along with a triaxial accelerometer, to calculate pointed direction relative to terrestrial magnetism.  The modules have a built-in microcontroller that calculates all of the input data and outputs a pointed direction in degrees.  Also available as an output is Gyroscopic information, like Pitch, Roll, and Yaw.

By using proprietary patented algorithms, all the module calibrations are done automatically, with no user-input required.  Simply apply power and the module self-calibrates to it’s specific terrestrial location within seconds.  Getting the pointed direction is simply done by reading the output data registers.

The CM1015 communicates as a master device over a SPI interface.

The CM1020 operates as a slave device over an I2C interface.

The modules are small in size (1″ x 1.5″) and fully tested and ready for use.  Both the CM1015 and CM1020 are available now.

Download the Summary Datasheets ->>  CM1015 SummaryCM1020 Summary

Download the CM1015 Datasheet ->>   CM1015 Datasheet

Download the CM1020 Datasheet ->>  CM1020 Datasheet

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Electronic Compass Module with I2C port

We now have an Electronic Compass Module with an I2C interface.  The CM1020 module replaces the SPI port with a fully I2C compatible communication port.  The features are exactly the same as the CM1015 module except we now make all the registers available over I2C.

The CM1020 is shipping now (July 2011).

Here is the link to the complete datasheet ->>  CM1020 DATASHEET

Here is the summary sheet on the new module ->>  CM1020 Summary

Pricing is the same for the CM1015 and the CM1020 module.

Compass Test Application & USB-Serial Adapter

We have found a very good source for a USB to Serial port adapter.  As you know, serial ports are getting very difficult to find for computer systems now days.  Therefore you will need to have a USB to Serial port adapter on your computer in order to use the CM10TB test board.  We highly recommend the SERIALIO adapter for adding a Serial port to your PC or Mac computer.  Click HERE to find the Serial port adapter.

We now have a test application for the CM10TB test board.  This application has graphical representations of the major compass parameters, which update in realtime.  The application runs on Mac OSX, version 10.5.8 or later.  You will need a USB to Serial port adapter in order to connet up the CM10TB to the computer.  Send us an Email ( to get a free copy of the test board application.  Screenshot is below :

New Distributor for the CM Modules

We are happy to announce that the CM line of Electronic Compass Modules are now available through MicrochipDirect, an online distributor of parts and modules.  You can reach them at the following link:


Electronic Compass Test & Evaluation Board

Realizing that not everyone has the time to test out new products, like our CM1015 electronic compass, we have created a simple test evaluation board for our modules.  The CM10TB lets you easily check the CM1015 electronic compass module by displaying the entire data packet on a serial terminal screen.

Just connect the CM10TB to a computer serial port and open up a terminal program.  Plug in a CM1015 electronic compass module and apply power.  You’ll be able to view the entire compass data packet, including direction, inclination, yaw, roll, pitch, etc.  It gives you a demonstration on how the data is formatted and how the module responds to direction changes.

The CM10TB is available now.  Below is a link to the datasheet.

Click to download –>>>  CM10TB Datasheet – Version 0.9

The CM10TB is available from our distributors and directly from our sales department.  Click on the How To Buy tab above to see your purchasing options.