LCI-8 Color LCI Demonstration Kit

We have finalized the LCI-8 Demo Kit, which shows off the LCI-8 Bus.  The LCI-8 Bus allows 255 different colors per LED, all individually controlled.




The Demo Kit includes five LCI-8 LED Light Sticks and our demo controller.  This kit is similar to our LCI-2 Demonstration Kit, the LCI2DK150, except you now have color LEDs, which are individually color controlled via the LCI-8 Bus.




You can see from the pictures that the LEDs can be individually programmed to any color.

Coming up soon, we will have a fully programmable LCI Bus Master Controller, that memory maps every LED on the LCI Bus.  There is also a memory interface, which allows easy updating of any memory location, thereby allowing easy lighting control of strips of LEDs (up to 1000 LEDs on each LCI Bus).

Contact us for more information regarding the LCI-8 Demo Kit or the Master Controller.


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