Q & A on the LCI Bus

Q- I notice that the LCI Light Strips are connected up like a string of lights.  How many wires are there on the strip and how many per LED?

A- There are two LCI Bus wires that connect from one light to the next light.  That’s it, besides power and ground.  So there is a maximum of 4 wires (2 data, 2 power) that travel down the LCI Light Strip.

Q- How many LEDs or Lights can I connect up to one LCI Bus?

A- There is NO maximum number of lights that can be connected up to one LCI Bus.  The LCI Light Strips, which we sell, have 12 LEDs on one LCI Bus.  You can end-stack another LCI Light Strip for an additional 12 LEDs.  In fact, you can end-stack as many LCI Light Strips as you want, and they will all work fine on the one LCI Bus, with individual brightness control of every LED.  It’s possible to connect up, let’s say, 100 strips, end-to-end.  That would give you 1200 LEDs on one LCI Bus (only 4 wires; 2 data, 2 power).  And each LED would have individual brightness control from one LCI Bus Controller.

Q- How can I try out the LCI Bus?

A- Purchase the LCI Demonstration Kit, which gives you 5 feet of LEDs and one LCI Bus Controller.  It’s an easy way to see the LCI Bus in action.

Q- I have a lighting application that needs the LCI Bus.  What are my options?

A- You can purchase LCI Light Strips from us for your application.  Or, if our LCI Light Strip selection is not adequate for your installation, we can custom design an LCI Light Strip for your particular needs.  You can also purchase the LCI Node Chips directly from us and build your own Light Strips.  Contact us for more information.

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