CM Electronic Compass Modules – with Auto Calibration

The CM Electronic Compass Modules use the latest MEMS chip technology to determine their precise pointed direction anywhere on the planet.  The modules incorporate a 3 axis magnetometer along with a triaxial accelerometer, to calculate pointed direction relative to terrestrial magnetism.  The modules have a built-in microcontroller that calculates all of the input data and outputs a pointed direction in degrees.  Also available as an output is Gyroscopic information, like Pitch, Roll, and Yaw.

By using proprietary patented algorithms, all the module calibrations are done automatically, with no user-input required.  Simply apply power and the module self-calibrates to it’s specific terrestrial location within seconds.  Getting the pointed direction is simply done by reading the output data registers.

The CM1015 communicates as a master device over a SPI interface.

The CM1020 operates as a slave device over an I2C interface.

The modules are small in size (1″ x 1.5″) and fully tested and ready for use.  Both the CM1015 and CM1020 are available now.

Download the Summary Datasheets ->>  CM1015 SummaryCM1020 Summary

Download the CM1015 Datasheet ->>   CM1015 Datasheet

Download the CM1020 Datasheet ->>  CM1020 Datasheet

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