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Unagi Net consists of a pool of extremely talented engineers, with experience in a wide variety of areas, including hardware & software design, mechanical & environmental expertise, and product & program management.  Our product designs are embedded almost everywhere, including tiny surgical medical devices all the way out to space orbital sub-systems.

We are located in Silicon Valley – USA, where we utilize our large pool of technical resources to help with all areas of product design, including test and manufacturing right here in the San Francisco bay area.

Unagi Net started back in 1990, being directly involved in technologies that were precursors to today’s DVD and Blu-Ray disks.  You may not have heard about us, but our technology is embedded in products that most people use every day.  We have over 70 product design wins, with the majority of them having gone into full mass production.

Our latest stand-alone products include a line of hardware modules that can be simply dropped into a product or schematic design.  This lets the OEM add functionality to a design easily and quickly, without adding to test procedures or additional licensing fees.

Some of our past clients include……



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